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Cardiac Package

Cardiac Package

Rs. 15,560.00 Rs. 8,560.00

Prioritize your heart's well-being with our comprehensive Cardiac Package. This specially tailored package is your key to a thorough cardiac evaluation and is ideal for individuals aged 35 and above, regardless of gender. It's particularly beneficial for those with risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking, obesity, a high-stress lifestyle, or a family history of cardiac issues. We are committed to safeguard your heart health by identifying potential cardiac risks early. 

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  • CBC
  • ESR


  • Apolipoprotein A1
  • Apolipoprotein B
  • Chol/HDL Ratio
  • HDL Cholesterol
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • LDL/HDL Ratio
  • Lipoprotein A
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • VLDL


  • FBS
  • PPBS


  • CK-MB
  • CPK
  • High Sensitive CRP
  • High Sensitive Troponin I
  • Homocysteine
  • LDH
  • NT ProBNP