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Precision Oncology Package

Precision Oncology Package

Rs. 7,875.00

Precision Oncology or Precision Cancer Care is a landmark and revolutionary moment in oncology when cancer care is no longer generalized and one size fits all, instead it is becoming ever more personalized, precise and individualised for each patient.

Personalizing therapy is not just about access to medicine, but also understanding the true biology of that patient’s cancer and strategizing treatments based on the specific tumour biomarkers to improve outcomes and quality of life for that patient.

Precision Oncology today is beyond the study of DNA alone. It incorporates much more like the study of the RNA signature, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, immune biomarkers and tumour microenvironment to say the least. However, translation of these tests to bedside remains critical to improve outcomes in our patients.

Other areas being developed in the world of precision oncology are different kinds of immunotherapy options like CAR-T cell therapy, Adaptive cell immunotherapy and vaccines. Chemosensitivity profiling and mouse avatar development with reverse application and specific therapeutic interventions are also being studied.

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